About Us

Brightstar Capital Partners invests at the intersection of capital, opportunity and people.

We take a hands-on approach in partnering with closely held and family-owned companies to build businesses—and relationships—that matter.


Middle-market family-owned businesses face an unprecedented generational transfer. With our network of industry relationships, our strategic geographic placement, and our history of trusted partnerships, Brightstar is well-positioned to help companies navigate the future and deliver sustainable growth. Our added value is more than added capital: we bring extensive networking opportunities, technology expertise and business efficiency to ensure that closely held companies remain powerful engines in the U.S. economy. We share a passion for building: reinforcing legacies and creating modern impact gives us our sense of purpose as we meet the challenges of the future.


Deeply Connected

We are in it to win it. We share information, ideas and our network of connections and resources to foster even better relationship opportunities for our companies and investors.

Collaborative Efforts

Growing a company takes more than money and know-how—it takes true partnership. Our investments require collaboration on both sides; developing a dynamic partnership is key to success.

Continually Curious

We believe our team brings profound knowledge and experience, but learning is our key virtue for continuing to create value. We remain deeply curious about what we can create and how, because we know that new ideas and opportunities can come from anywhere.