Concentrated Investments

Our goal is to drive value creation and build strategically-valuable, enduring companies. As a strong group of experienced operators and investors, we draw on our various perspectives to engage industry players in our investment fields. Our focus on shared goals and growth means that everything we choose to do, we strive to do exceptionally well. Our team seeks to invest $50—$250 million in each portfolio company over the course of each investment.

A Hands-on Partnership

By leveraging our extensive networks, our team identifies proprietary opportunities in companies where we see exceptional potential. Because we roll up our sleeves and take a hands-on approach to every investment, we develop transformative strategic initiatives that imbue value irrespective of market conditions. Using a balanced and collaborative approach, we invest time, thought, and our extensive network of resources to earn our place at the table.


We believe it is essential to be on the ground with our portfolio companies and close to potential opportunities with family, founder and entrepreneur-led businesses. Our Partners and investment professionals are spread across the country and our offices in New York, Florida, California, Colorado, Missouri and Tennessee. Our team has extensive breadth and depth of operating and investing experience with deep relationship networks.

Proprietary Sourcing


The Brightstar team sources investments directly through our network of connections: we meet real people, and we find real partnerships.

Operational Expertise


We view the world through an operational lens. We know that there is more to assets than money: heritage, community impact, and a sense of purpose all contribute to the growth potential of a business.

Strategically Build Businesses


We believe in transparency, and we’re straightforward in everything we do. By beginning with an end-game in mind, we define clear goals for achieving our strategy and creating a future that benefits all stakeholders.


We seek investments with both a past and a future. We value and respect the hard work that goes into building a business, and we look for companies where we can be involved in uncovering potential for a bright future.


Our employees comprise many beliefs and cultures, and we are built on a set of strong principles including respect. Since our inception we have valued Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Through our partnership with Billie Jean King Enterprises, we proactively discuss and navigate the themes of DEI.

DEI is a continuous journey that involves all our stakeholders, and most importantly, our employees. We will never stop learning from our stakeholders and are excited about driving progress with their support, in both our firm and the communities with which we engage. We periodically conduct culture assessments to learn from our employees, understand their experiences within our company and in their communities, and identify focus areas where we can implement initiatives to drive progress.

Our leadership signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge with a focus on four components: creating an environment for open dialogue, conducting implicit bias training, sharing best practices and lessons learned, and developing dedicated diversity recruiting strategies. We support the SEO Careers program by providing internships to talented undergraduates from underrepresented and underserved communities and we’re actively working with our team to understand how we can support their community efforts that drive a more inclusive future.

We know that our success depends on our people. We are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce that will help us become more innovative and successful.