Brightstar Corp., a BCP Portfolio Company, Adds Premium Tech Support Capabilities with LucidCX Acquisition

Continued global investment and service expansion bolster Brightstar’s device protection offering and enhance overall customer experience

DALLAS, TX, Jan. 19, 2021 – Brightstar Corp. (Brightstar), the global leader of end-to-end device lifecycle management solutions, today announced it has acquired LucidCX, a provider of premier customer service management software and services. The acquisition follows a period of significant global investment for Brightstar and adds premium technical support capabilities to its expanding service portfolio.

LucidCX provides industry-leading tools to support customers through the entire lifecycle, from onboarding to repairs, returns and upgrades, across multiple channels including digital, retail, call centers and head offices. Its clients include global mobile carriers, device manufacturers, world-class banks, manufacturers and retail giants. Brightstar will leverage LucidCX’s award-winning software and services to help its customers deliver world-class customer service and drive down the cost of customer care. Brightstar will simultaneously help Lucid scale its operations and bring its services to a new host of customers.

“Brightstar is committed to delivering holistic solutions for today’s technology lifecycle. LucidCX builds additional capabilities into Brightstar’s services, supporting our Device Protection and wider smart technology services, ensuring we deliver exceptional value and capabilities to our customers,” said Rod Millar, CEO, Brightstar. “The addition of LucidCX will enable Brightstar to deliver the best experience to consumers as it continues to drive innovation and value throughout the device protection landscape. We are excited to bring LucidCX’s technology, knowledge and capabilities to our clients to drive significant value to them and consumers.”

“For over 16 years, LucidCX has been recognized for our tradition of innovation, exceptional customer care and long-term relationships with top global brands, and we are proud to become a key part of Brightstar and join a team that has been leaders in the mobile device industry for over two decades” said Matt Dyson, CEO of LucidCX. “Together we can further transform the customer journey, and we are excited to tap into Brightstar’s resources and reach to scale our offering and support more global customers.”

About Brightstar Corp.

Brightstar Corp. is a global leader of end-to-end device lifecycle management solutions and the world’s fastest growing device protection provider. We work with carrier, retail and enterprise customers in approximately 50 countries, touching every stage of a device’s lifecycle, from when it’s manufactured to the moment it’s time to trade it in and re-market it. To learn more about Brightstar Corp., please visit

About LucidCX

LucidCX provides omni-channel knowledgebases, diagnostics and process automation services ensure that no matter where or what a customer asks, we’re there to help. Trusted by world-class banks, network operators, insurers, manufacturers and retailers, our award-winning services aim to deliver premium customer support while significantly reducing costs for our partners. To learn more about LucidCX, please visit