Private Equity Wire: Brightstar’s ‘us and us’ investment model to mid-market US businesses strikes note with investors by James Williams

NEW YORK, April 5, 2018 – In the US alone there are more than 200,000 middle market companies with revenues between USD10 million and USD1 billion. If one narrows that range to USD50 million to USD1 billion in revenue, there are 32,000 businesses, with around 15 times as many private businesses to public businesses.

That’s a pretty big engine of economic growth and one that Brightstar Capital Partners is training its investing and operating talents on to seek out good US businesses with a clear growth trajectory.

“Our strategy has always been about how to be more than a capital provider to middle market, closely held companies, either family-owned or backed by entrepreneurs by adding a second component; namely, how to provide much needed operational and strategic resources to those companies by virtue of our partnership,” explains Andrew Weinberg (pictured), Brightstar’s Founder and Managing Partner.

These types of companies face many challenges going forward, from next generation leadership, to attracting executive talent beyond the founding family to responding to needs in the market. Data suggests there is an estimated USD30 trillion to USD40 trillion of wealth that will be passed on from the baby boomer generation in the US to their heirs over the next 25 to 30 years.

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