World Economic Forum: Fueling the US economy’s middle market growth engine by Andrew Weinberg

NEW YORK, April 9, 2018 – Large, publicly traded companies in the US tend to attract the lion’s share of media, academic and public policy attention. We read and watch something about Facebook, Amazon, Google, Boeing, GE or other Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis.

With all the attention being paid to the large-cap, multinational public companies, U.S. middle market firms tend to fly under the radar. The lack of emphasis and support for middle market enterprises is not unique to the US. One of the few markets where this is not the case is Germany, which celebrates its so-called “Mittelstand” companies. These businesses account for more than 60% of the country’s jobs and are highly regarded as investors in facilities, equipment and talent.

In fact, middle market companies are vital contributors to most developed countries’ GDP, and providing more support for such companies in the US is both a significant challenge and a compelling opportunity. Middle market businesses should be recognized by investors and policy makers for what they truly are – powerful engines of the US economy – and more can and should be done to help these businesses thrive and grow through the application of capital, operational expertise and a sharp strategic focus.

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